Porsche Taycan Turbo Rapid Charge Road Trip | Fully Charged

  • Jonny has already experienced the Porsche Taycan launch control ability (0-62 in 2.8 for the Turbo S using over-boost function) in a previous world exclusive Fully Charged episode, but this film is the first road drive of the finished car. A chance to experience the 270kW rapid charging capability, we drove the 2020 Taycan Turbo (not really a turbo, but more a performance level name - 0-62mph in 3.2) from Gothenburg Sweden to Copenhagen Denmark as part of the international launch of the model. Porsche held an 18-day road trip launch event where 18 cars were driven in stints 6,440km across 9 different countries.

    The 280-mile/450km range, 800v, 100kWh (93.4 of which is useable), up to 680PS (500kW) 850nm twin motor rear-steer Turbo price starts at £115,000, but there will be cheaper versions of Porsche’s first EV coming within the next six months. In stock form both Taycan Turbo and the £138,000 Turbo S feature 625PS (460kw) of power, but it is in over-boost mode for those infamous relentless launch control drag races where the power differences are unlocked. Turbo S gets 761PS (560kW) compared to the 680PS (500kW) Turbo.
    It may not have the range of a Tesla Model S P100D (the so-called Plaid does not yet exist as a production vehicle), or the 0-60 on paper, or the seating capacity (Taycan is a 4 seat or optional 5) but the Porsche chassis promises better road holding and stopping performance. The Taycan can also charge up to 270kw, which translates to 5-80 percent charge in 22 minutes. Or 62 miles (100km) of driving in 5 mins. And then there’s the build quality that a legacy car manufacturer brings to the table.